Thursday, 9 June 2011

Wow! Long break much!?

So, all in all my plan to keep up to date with my blogging has been an evident fail. After creating my account and then realising I had no primary use for it, my aim was to use it as a 'diary' to keep all my production notes on.... Started of okay... then gradually declined... Not to worry, the assignment went okay according to my knowledge so no big error there! An awful lot has happened since I last blogged. So much love, so much drama.. Highs, lows, breakups and makeups... A continuous cycle in terms of one incident. Boys will be boys eh. Arrrgh so much grrr about it all... Maybe i'll discuss that another time... Pretty boring you may feel ha... On a happier note it's exactly two weeks and approximatly three and a half hours until my 21st birthday! Atm the plans are on the 23rd im going out to Watford or St.A with my Waitrose gash.. on the actual day (24th) im having a fambo meal with possibly a trip to the zoo during the day with whoevers up for it ha and on the 25th I am having some school people round for a sophisticated evening! lol jk but hopefully it will be fun fun fun... Uni gash will occur when im settled in St. Pauls for a bee bee que in the yard.. Classic! Olly Murs is defos my celebo bezzo baby'g eh tea emm! i think i will post a pic litterally for the banter cos theres a fair amount i havent done on here yet.. including a picture  in a post is one to list a few..... now to find out how to do it...
Done but can it only be positioned at the top of the blog??? ooh my knowledge is a bit of a kerfuffle...
laters babes ;)

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