Monday, 14 November 2011


OKAAYYY!! Basically i'm totally done with the melodramatic shizz atm. Reading previous post i just think what a wally.. Never the less.. Good times ahead... So lets go....

Tomorrow morning is another day of filming for my drama production. My tutor, shant name just incase I get in to trouble, changes his mind like a typical gemini (apparently they change their minds rather often.. my mother is a good example of that ha!).. I've always been chopping and changing what I want to do when I think about the future in terms of a career. I've gone from mazagine editor to graphic designer to director to designer to zoo keeper! yeah been a few random ones in there but they'd be so much fun... Atm something along the magazine line has come back to haunt me. So im thinking of applying to take on an internship at a magazine next summer. To get me in the swing of thing I think it's a good idea if I create a new blog, alongside this one, for more contemporay based posts. Celebrity gossip, fashion, general chit chat. Has potential i believe! Well atm i really should go to bed as like I said, 5:30am start again :( .. Shall start the blog tomorrow...apparently!

ps, here's a picture of lousi from 1D.. just because.... naaaaawr <3

BE RIGHT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Major majot turn around......... brb'ssssssssss x

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Life is Content...

Right it's been a really really long time since I last blogged. To be honest, it kinda slipped my mind, distractions eh! Each time I always try and stick to it but it always fails.... Hopefully i'll be a bit more regular this time. So im back at Uni now, second year woo. So far so good. Few personal dramas but the way it's turned out I can't be one to complain too much, can always be worse. 95%, 95%..It's where that saying 'every cloud has a silver lining' really is emphasised. Socially im loving it. Met loads of new people again and spending well valued times with previous newbies from last year. Need to keep on it with the work else it's gonna pile up and be an utter disaster. Just trying to think of a drama screenplay idea.. Argh the thinking is the hardest part. Brainstorms'r'us right now! School disco tomorrow night, must get the marker pen out! How much of a tune is that One Direction song 'What makes you beautiful'. loving it and everyone here is bang on it so it's great to boogaaay at the SU and scream it out, element central! My cousins Grandad died a couple of days ago, sad times! My grandad, the one we share, is more or less on the way out.. As I say, the batteries running out. Something to expect soon no doubt but let's not dwell. Fed up of depressing shizz maaan. I need that 5%! Potentials there, it's definatly there, just a struggle to wriggle it out and push it forward. Never make it easy do they. Apparently it makes you stronger. My oh my this is deep, bit awk ha, end scene. Oh i have a new doggy. Not new but new to the fambo. My grandad's 13yr old doggy, Scamp. He's like a typical o.a.p fella. Such banter that dog has! anyway gonna have my ryvita and cheese. more to come next time, choi!

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Wow! Long break much!?

So, all in all my plan to keep up to date with my blogging has been an evident fail. After creating my account and then realising I had no primary use for it, my aim was to use it as a 'diary' to keep all my production notes on.... Started of okay... then gradually declined... Not to worry, the assignment went okay according to my knowledge so no big error there! An awful lot has happened since I last blogged. So much love, so much drama.. Highs, lows, breakups and makeups... A continuous cycle in terms of one incident. Boys will be boys eh. Arrrgh so much grrr about it all... Maybe i'll discuss that another time... Pretty boring you may feel ha... On a happier note it's exactly two weeks and approximatly three and a half hours until my 21st birthday! Atm the plans are on the 23rd im going out to Watford or St.A with my Waitrose gash.. on the actual day (24th) im having a fambo meal with possibly a trip to the zoo during the day with whoevers up for it ha and on the 25th I am having some school people round for a sophisticated evening! lol jk but hopefully it will be fun fun fun... Uni gash will occur when im settled in St. Pauls for a bee bee que in the yard.. Classic! Olly Murs is defos my celebo bezzo baby'g eh tea emm! i think i will post a pic litterally for the banter cos theres a fair amount i havent done on here yet.. including a picture  in a post is one to list a few..... now to find out how to do it...
Done but can it only be positioned at the top of the blog??? ooh my knowledge is a bit of a kerfuffle...
laters babes ;)

Monday, 17 January 2011

take two...

So today was my first day of lectures in my second semester..... I belive I may have a new use for this blog spot afterall..... I need to note down what occurs in each of my sessions in one half of my production modules. So i'll note it down on here... At least this time round I can look back rather than be thinking off my head.... So firstly today we had a briefing about our project this semester. We have to convert a poem into a film. It's all about putting the language on to screen. We had an english lecuter come in for a while to give a big more meaning to do with the word 'poem'.... it actually means 'TO MAKE'. Which is exactly what we are doing. We did a small exercise where we just had to note down out favourite/least favourite smells, sounds and possessions. These keywords could be used as a starting point for a poem. Dave said that a really good poem should take you on a journey/ experience. He advised us in our groups to look for a poem that makes you feel something, even if you don't understand it. He said be 'brave and honest' with you choices even if you feel others may not see what you see. Something to think about was how has the poem/poet driven the subjects? For next week in our groups we need to have found a short poem film to show and discuss.....or maybe just the poem? im not too sure i didnt pay attention at that point ha

Sunday, 9 January 2011

weekends fly too quickly...

Ooohhh it's a Sunday and although I don't have to go to work tomorrow, i'm still not looking forward to the busy week of shifts this week. Back to Uni on Sunday which will be a lolzies time. Looking forward to payday very very much. Will be a relief to be out of the overdraft red zone, for the time being. Tomorrow i'm off to Frankie 'n' Bennys with the old skool group from work. Mmmm, i'm hungry thinking about it ha. I absolutely LOVE Dancing on Ice which started back again today on ITV. The outfits are sooo pretty, princess like :) Tbh, most of the female 'celebs' are claiming they've lost a large amount of weight. True that, but realisticly, it's because they have the funds for a personal trainer, a gym in their home, financially very comfortable and plenty of time on their hands that they can possibly loose that amount of weight in sucha small amount of time. Oohhh some people have it too easy. Speaking of which my new years resolution of a more healthy lifestyle hasn't gone according to plane yet. It's always tomorrow or next week. Can't start somethign like this mid-week.. Makes the routine odd. That's my excuse anyway. I've got my Weetabix waiting to be opened and the bread bag waiting to be sealed. Just watching Come Fly With Me on Iplayer....Sooo funny. I'm sure Walliams and Lucas speak the minds of many others...... But of course, it's all for banter ;) Genius idea. I've had a few ideas of my own mind you. Sooo wanna do my own version of a T-Mobile advert too. The airport one was so far the best. Also my screenwriting over the xmas hols also hasn't got to a start. Plenty of time for that though... More ideas to come up with eh. Right this post has been quite random but i've just written about odd bots that pop in my head ha....... Anyway maybe next time will be more specific..... Happy posting <3

Thursday, 6 January 2011


Well one of my New Years resolutions was to see what the crazy bonanzas of blogging was all about..... So, six days/nights later i've finally got cracking...... Not much to go by atm on my page but i'll continue in the morning... Or more realisticly, on my day off (Sunday)! Happy sleeping :)