Monday, 14 November 2011


OKAAYYY!! Basically i'm totally done with the melodramatic shizz atm. Reading previous post i just think what a wally.. Never the less.. Good times ahead... So lets go....

Tomorrow morning is another day of filming for my drama production. My tutor, shant name just incase I get in to trouble, changes his mind like a typical gemini (apparently they change their minds rather often.. my mother is a good example of that ha!).. I've always been chopping and changing what I want to do when I think about the future in terms of a career. I've gone from mazagine editor to graphic designer to director to designer to zoo keeper! yeah been a few random ones in there but they'd be so much fun... Atm something along the magazine line has come back to haunt me. So im thinking of applying to take on an internship at a magazine next summer. To get me in the swing of thing I think it's a good idea if I create a new blog, alongside this one, for more contemporay based posts. Celebrity gossip, fashion, general chit chat. Has potential i believe! Well atm i really should go to bed as like I said, 5:30am start again :( .. Shall start the blog tomorrow...apparently!

ps, here's a picture of lousi from 1D.. just because.... naaaaawr <3

BE RIGHT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Major majot turn around......... brb'ssssssssss x