Sunday, 2 October 2011

Life is Content...

Right it's been a really really long time since I last blogged. To be honest, it kinda slipped my mind, distractions eh! Each time I always try and stick to it but it always fails.... Hopefully i'll be a bit more regular this time. So im back at Uni now, second year woo. So far so good. Few personal dramas but the way it's turned out I can't be one to complain too much, can always be worse. 95%, 95%..It's where that saying 'every cloud has a silver lining' really is emphasised. Socially im loving it. Met loads of new people again and spending well valued times with previous newbies from last year. Need to keep on it with the work else it's gonna pile up and be an utter disaster. Just trying to think of a drama screenplay idea.. Argh the thinking is the hardest part. Brainstorms'r'us right now! School disco tomorrow night, must get the marker pen out! How much of a tune is that One Direction song 'What makes you beautiful'. loving it and everyone here is bang on it so it's great to boogaaay at the SU and scream it out, element central! My cousins Grandad died a couple of days ago, sad times! My grandad, the one we share, is more or less on the way out.. As I say, the batteries running out. Something to expect soon no doubt but let's not dwell. Fed up of depressing shizz maaan. I need that 5%! Potentials there, it's definatly there, just a struggle to wriggle it out and push it forward. Never make it easy do they. Apparently it makes you stronger. My oh my this is deep, bit awk ha, end scene. Oh i have a new doggy. Not new but new to the fambo. My grandad's 13yr old doggy, Scamp. He's like a typical o.a.p fella. Such banter that dog has! anyway gonna have my ryvita and cheese. more to come next time, choi!

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