Monday, 17 January 2011

take two...

So today was my first day of lectures in my second semester..... I belive I may have a new use for this blog spot afterall..... I need to note down what occurs in each of my sessions in one half of my production modules. So i'll note it down on here... At least this time round I can look back rather than be thinking off my head.... So firstly today we had a briefing about our project this semester. We have to convert a poem into a film. It's all about putting the language on to screen. We had an english lecuter come in for a while to give a big more meaning to do with the word 'poem'.... it actually means 'TO MAKE'. Which is exactly what we are doing. We did a small exercise where we just had to note down out favourite/least favourite smells, sounds and possessions. These keywords could be used as a starting point for a poem. Dave said that a really good poem should take you on a journey/ experience. He advised us in our groups to look for a poem that makes you feel something, even if you don't understand it. He said be 'brave and honest' with you choices even if you feel others may not see what you see. Something to think about was how has the poem/poet driven the subjects? For next week in our groups we need to have found a short poem film to show and discuss.....or maybe just the poem? im not too sure i didnt pay attention at that point ha

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